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Cumberland Delivers Results

Cumberland Consulting Group is a leading healthcare consulting firm that helps some of the nation’s largest payer, provider and life sciences organizations implement and optimize technologies to maximize operational efficiency.

Cumberland’s Life Sciences Division is dedicated to providing specialized consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on commercial and government contracting. Through the implementation of innovative technology solutions, we help our clients drive growth, optimize pricing and ensure compliance with changing regulations. We understand the complex challenges faced by pharmaceutical manufacturers in designing, building and maintaining systems to support operations and compliance in the contracting arena.

We offer a variety of scalable services for pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes, including Top 50 organizations and small to mid-sized manufacturers.

  • Systems Integration Services
    • Advisory
    • Implementation
    • Optimization
    • Outsourcing
  • Contracts, Pricing and Compliance Services
    • Commercialization
    • Government Pricing and Compliance
    • Contract Strategy and Optimization
    • Business Process Outsourcing